Uncle Jones

Supernatural Restauranteur and Gossip


Uncle Jones. From Uncle Jones BBQ. Best BBQ in town for over 100 years. For as long as there has been a town, really. Bernard first bought BBQ from Uncle Jones at age 12. That was in 1896.

Uncle Jones is permanently moody. He always gives you the impression that he doesn’t want to talk to you, but really he is just dying to gossip with his customers. He recognizes most of the ‘old timers’ who live in town and he is happy to complain about them to other old timers. Orlando old timers suspect he is some sort of spirit of the city.

Uncle Jones is always sporting some new injury. One week he has a bruised hip. The next his hand is wrapped up tight. He wore an eye patch for 7 years in the 50’s. Old timers know where Uncle Jones gets those injuries.

Uncle Jones resurrects the same wild hog every week, releases and hunts it on his property, and kills it with a knife. No one does “intimidating silence” like Uncle Jones when you ask him about that hog. But it sure is tasty.

Uncle Jones

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