Sherman Blarn

Desperate Warlock


He revealed his magical powers at an auction where he was trying to steal a book of Asian poetry with a ritual hidden in it. In addition to tossing around some pretty effective fire attacks, he apparently arranged for a demon (a gorilla-sized Shen) to be summoned by means of some object hidden inside Sebastian’s satchel. He escaped into the rain-swept night, desperately clutching the pages of the book that he was able to salvage after the wizard Silas Merritt blew it apart with a blast of wind. (In an effort to prevent Blarn from getting away with the entire book…)

A few months later, Molly Frost came to Silas Merritt and reported that Blarn had kidnapped Rosaleen Murdock. Silas Merritt and some friends tracked him down to a small hotel in the middle of nowhere, where he had apparently tried to summon a “demon of fire and darkness” using the ritual in the partial book (as well as the kidnapped woman as a sacrifice.) Blarn failed to control the summoned demon (due in large part to not having the entire ritual book), which left him in the clutches of a torment death spell. Warden Silas Merritt ended the torment spell, as well as Blarn’s life as punishment for breaking the 7th Law.


Was accompanied by a ghoul body-guard, disguised as his private nurse, Sebastian. Silas Merritt allowed him to live after Blarn died, on condition that he leave Florida and never return.

Sherman Blarn

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