Rhiannon Woodsage

Urban Druid



Humans Are Earth’s Creatures Too

Other Aspects
Feel & Hear the Earth
I’ll Be Right There
All the Damn Vampires
Kindred Spirits
Calling All Druids


SUPERB +5 : Conviction, Discipline
GREAT +4 : Lore, Resources
GOOD +3 : Contacts, Athletics
FAIR +2 : Survival, Presence
AVERAGE +1 : Empathy, Endurance


  • Evocation (-3) (Water, Earth, and Spirit)
    Item Slots.
  • Refinement (-1) (Two Additional Focus Item Slots)
  • Beast Change (-1)
    Beast Form.
    Skill Shuffle.
  • Wings (-1) (While in beast form)
  • Inhuman Toughness (-2)
    Hard to Hurt. Armor:1 against all physical stress.
    Hard to Kill. Two additional boxes of physical stress capacity.
  • Inhuman Recovery (-2)
    Total Recovery.
    Fast Recovery. physical consequences recover as 1 lvl lower
    Vigorous. Endurance never restricts / may skip a night of sleep
    Shrug It Off. In combat, once per scene, may clear away a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action.
  • The Catch (+3) (Applies to both) Cold Iron, known to only those with special knowledge or research abilities. Also, Recovery requires contact with the Earth for at least 30 minutes every day.


Physical O O (O O O)
Mental O O O O
Social O O O

Mild (-2):
Moderate (-4):
Severe (-6):

Mild (-2):

Extreme (-8):


None Shall Pass

When urban druid Rhiannon Woodsage finds her mystic grove under siege by a local street gang, she turns to her friends, a powerful weregator and the local bibliomancer supreme, for help. Together they discover the dark secrets behind the gang’s evil power – but will they be able to stop the vampires that are secretly trying to shut down the druid’s haven?

Rhiannon Woodsage

Darkness in the Sunshine State Patrice56