John Jonah Franklin

Franklin Clan Para-Net Member


John Jonah, Jon-Jon, is Bernard’s great, great, grand nephew. Jon-Jon is a locksmith for the city of Orlando. As a result he is passably familiar with most members of the city council.

Before Rosa became the head of the family, much was made of Bernard’s sacrifice for the Franklin clan. Jon-Jon grew up on those stories and his uncle is a personal hero. Their relationship only strengthened when Jon-Jon grew into his magical abilities. Jon-Jon goes out of his way to visit Bernard. He makes sure that his own children learn their family history from the man who lived that history. He also ensures that Bernard doesn’t get forgotten by the rest of the Franklin clan. Jon-Jon isn’t popular with the majority of the Franklin clan these days. His Aunt Rosa is always giving him trouble for maintaining a relationship with Bernard.

Jon-Jon is a low powered magic talent. He can communicate with amphibians. He is also a member of the local Para-Net community.

John Jonah Franklin

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