Bernard Franklin

Guardian Were-Gator



Bit off more than I can chew

Other Aspects
Slow, not stupid
Take one for the team
Subtle but quick to anger
The call of the swamp
That’s not a fang. THIS is a fang!

SKILLS (Human)

GREAT +4 : Endurance, Might
GOOD +3 : Conviction, Discipline, Stealth
FAIR +2 : Alertness, Investigation, Presence, Weapons
AVERAGE +1 : Athletics, Burglary, Craftsmanship, Fists, Intimidation

SKILLS (Gator)

SUPERB +5 : Might
GREAT +4 : Endurance
GOOD +3 : Conviction, Discipline, Fists
FAIR +2 : Alertness, Athletics, Intimidation, Presence
AVERAGE +1 : Burglary, Deceit, Stealth, Survival


  • -1 Beast Change (Alligator)
  • -1 Echoes of the Beast (Alligator) (+1 To Alertness, even in total darkness, to detect motion. This reflects an alligator’s ability to pinpoint even minute movements in water.)
  • -1 Inhuman Strength (-2) Limit: Only in were-form (+1)
  • -1 Claws (Expressed as an alligator’s jaw-full of teeth.) Only in were-form.
  • -1 Inhuman recovery (-2) Catch: Construction material from protected property, must spend 6 out of every 24 hours on the property (+1)
  • -1 Bless this house (+2 to threshold of structure I inhabit)
  • -1 Supernatural Sense (Can sense Thresholds)

Subtle But Quick to Anger

When his family’s business is destroyed, guardian were-gator Bernard Franklin suspects fae mischief. Even with the help of a white council wizard and an urban druid, will he be able to punish the guilty without bringing new enemies to his master’s doorstep?

Bernard Franklin

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